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PI leads, talyzes and coordinates independent strategic and policy analysis on emerging agri-food issues, engages stakeholders in dialogue, and advances public policy.


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04.06.2019 · Enhancing Natural pital

In this paper, prepared for the Clean Economy Fund, the authors discuss two major challenges facing the world in the 21st century: climate change and food security. Agriculture sits at the centre of the proverbial “eye of the storm” due to its contribution to greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and climate change, and the impact climate change will have on agriculture and future food production. The challenge remains whether agricultural production n grow enough to produce nutritious, affordable, and accessible food to meet the demands of an increasing global population, without degrading the environment or depleting the natural resource base or “natural pital”.

27.04.2019 · Enhancing Natural pital

This article, published in the High River Online on April 26, 2019, features PI turning 15 years old. PI brings people together from across agri-food supply chains, governments, and researchers to examine pressing issues facing nadian agriculture and food. And we are 15 years old this year! PI would like to mark this special milestone […]


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ValueOur Champions Help Us Push The Boundaries

As an independent, non-partisan policy talyst, PI brings insight, evidence and balance to emerging agri-food issues, but recognizes it n’t do it alone. PI acknowledges our champions who provide ideas and knowledge as well as logistil and financial support.

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